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Soulmate Lemurian Seed Crystal - TWLE

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Soulmate Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal

3.5 oz

3" x 1.25" x 1.25"

Soulmate or Twin Points are very helpful for those seeking to create solid relationships and partnerships, repair damaged ones, or support one’s search for a soul mate. The energy of these crystal points allows each person in the partnership to maintain independence while intimately bonding with their partner. Deeper respect and understanding for the natural ebb and flow within a relationship is possible when working with a twin crystal.

Soul Mate Crystals form when two points grow equally to the termination point from one base.  A soulmate crystal has two points that are equal in size, indicating equal partnership in a relationship.  These types of points are useful in creating a truly harmonious relationship. The closer the two points are in size, the stronger and more balanced the relationship can be. If a rainbow is present along the intersection, the relationship is probably magically uplifting.  A word of caution: A soulmate is not always a sexual partner, but one who enters your life to teach you important lessons. The attraction can be very strong in both cases and it’s important to discern the difference between an intimate soulmate relationship from a teaching soulmate. These types of lessons can be challenging when the attraction to the other person is so potent.

Twin Points are unequal in size. One is large and the other can be any smaller size. They represent partnerships where one person represents a prominent role, such as parent-child, business, or employer-employee relationships. They encourage the independent development of each person in the relationship while strengthening the bond and ability to grow together as partners. Twin points allow the relationship to maintain healthy balance and boundaries. Occasionally twin points will have additional “children” on the face, which represent families, most commonly, the parents and children. These points are helpful in maintaining strong familial bonds.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are considered Master Healers, acting as vessels for transmitting high vibrations and anchoring spiritual knowledge.   The very obvious bars on the face of the points act as encoders, and may be activated by rubbing your thumb against the bars.  This attunes the crystal to you and begins the activation process that Lemurians are known for.  The messages that download are thought to be the essence of the Lemurian civilization which operated in loving, peaceful harmony.  The vibrations were encoded into the seed crystals and planted around the world so we could connect with the energy when ready.

Lemurian Crystals hold very strong vibrations of love and allow us to access the memory of the original Divine heart center.  They clear all the Chakras and assist in reflecting ancient knowledge, making them important tools for those seeking information from past lives. They remind us of our multi-dimensional origins and remind us of the Oneness of being.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are essential tools for Light-workers, as they hold the space for the high vibrations, inter- dimensional access and unconditional love that those in the healing arts aspire to.

From The Crystal Bible 2, "Perfect tools for the lightworkers, Lemurians hold a blessing of unconditional love for the earth as we enter a profound vibrational shift...they teach us that we are many-dimensioned beings and give an objective view of prior lifetimes."  Good gridding tool.


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