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Starbrary Quartz Cluster - 10

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Starbrary Quartz Cluster

High grade quartz

4" x4" x 2.25"


This point has etching on all three of the larger points and many of the small ones. 

The Starbrary quartz formation is a mystifying conundrum.  It is identified by the distinctive etchings raised or embedded on the faces of the crystal.  Some look like glyphs, some appear like Morse code with dashes and dots while others carry sacred geometry patterns. There may also be record keepers or trigons on the faces as well as key holes and windows. Some crystals will have etchings on one face and others may have etchings on all six sides.  In any case, each specimen is a powerful tool.   Information about these remarkable tools is varied, and can lead to confusion and skepticism. My advice is to follow your own intuition and guidance as you experience the energy of your Starbrary. 

The etchings or symbols on the face of a Starbrary crystal are said to contain the wisdom of the cosmos, translating that information to you once you activate your crystal.  The crystals were encoded remotely by beings living outside our solar system and their vibrations contain infinite data.  It is said that the crystals lay dormant until the need for them arises, usually because there is a catastrophic event that triggers their rise from the earth.  The old adage, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” applies here.  We are definitely living in unusual times and can certainly gain from the enlightenment the Starbrary crystals offer.  The collective energy of these Starbraries, once activated, creates a grid of light across the planet. Those of us engaged, hold the space for the evolutionary repair of our planet and the continuity of life. 

Activating a Starbrary is similar to working with Lemurian Seed Crystals.  Working your thumb along the etchings as you ease into meditation will unlock an infinite mystical theater of knowledge.  The purpose of these crystals is to awaken us during a time of need, so we can collectively embark on a mission to save humanity and our planet.  Lemurian crystals were encoded and planted here by beings who dwelled upon this planet while Starbraries were encoded by beings from far away solar systems.  The energy of a Starbrary is intense and very detailed.

In closing, I would like to remind you of your own power.  Meditate with your Starbrary crystal and feel the energy it offers, see where it takes you and record your experiences in a journal so your truth doesn’t get distorted by another’s interpretation.  I suggest holding onto the power of your own intuition and your ability to feel and discern what this crystal is offering you specifically.  Each is unique, as we are. There is a reason this crystal chose you, so enjoy the process of discovery.  There are crystal teachers who will match different etchings with specific locations in the universe, but I suggest we keep it simple and uncomplicated.  Feel what you feel, trust yourself and follow your own star. See where it takes you.

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