Hear what our customers say:

  • So I did go to friday's crystal club tonight...and I got a one on one tour of the shop. Which was, quite frankly, amazing and awesome and I am still beaming from how kindly and how thoughtfully I was treated. Barbara really did not have to go out of her way the way she did to make me feel like a valued customer, but she did. She spent a very good amount of time showing me new specimens, some items that were in the display case. like I received the five star tour and it was truly amazing. like, she honestly did not have to give me the kind of service and kindess that she did, but she did and it was wonderful. I also inquired about a tarot deck I saw on your website and while it was not in stock, she still went out of her way to look for it for me and I really appreciate that.

    I really can't compliment her enough. There was another guy working on the flor (Kevin) who was also very kind to me so I'd like to mention that as well. Like, great job to him.  He was willing and very helpful about answering a few of my questions. He was a really genuinely nice guy and he really knows his stuff when it comes to crystals.  I really like that theres a local crystal shop that has ethically mined crystals, at competitive prices (even better than the internet!), with an excellent, welcoming staff. I feel like my money isn't just buying nice crystals, but that it's helping to support the business and livelihoods of really good people.  Like, my customer satisfaction is like on a scale of 1-10, probably somewhere in the hundreds.

    If you want to like, post his on your website, because hard work and good customer service is very important and I'm very grateful to have such a lovely shop in my home town, and I want to give a good review and positive words about the wonderful experience I had in your shop tonight. From V,  June 2016