Actinolite Contains Asbestos Y
Adamite  Contains Zinc and Copper Y
Ajoite Contains Aluminum Y
Alexandrite Contains Aluminum and Copper Y
Amazonite  Contains Copper Y
Amber  May contain trapped bacteria. Y
Ambylogonite May Contain Copper Y
Andalusite Contains Aluminum Y
Angelite  Contains Lead and Sulphur Y
Anhydrite May Contain lead and Sulphur Y
Aquamarine Conains Aluminum Y
Aragonite  May Contain Lead Y
Atacamite  Contains Copper Y
Atlantisite  See Serpentine Y
Auricalcite  Contains Zinc and Copper Y
Azurite  Contains Copper Y
Barite Contains Lead, Zinc and Barium Y
Beryl Contains Aluminum Y
Bismuth Metal Alloy - Toxic Y
Bloodstone Contains Hematite Y
Boji-stones Contains Sulphur or Pyrite Y
Bornite Contains Copper and Sulphur Y
Brazilianite Contains Aluminum Y
Cavansite Contains Copper Y
Celestite  Contains Aluminum or Strontium Y
Chalcopyrite  Contains Copper and Sulphur Y
Charoite  Contains Barium and Strontium Y
Chrysoberyl Contains Aluminum Y
Chrysocolla   Contains Copper Y
Cinnabar  Contains Mercury | Very Toxic Y
Cobaltocalcite - Pink Cobaltine Calcite Contains Cobalt Y
Copper - copper Contains Copper Y
Coral  May Conatin Bacteria and Other Harmful Substances From its Source. Y
Covellite Contains Copper and Sulphur Y
Chrysoprase  Contains Nickel Y
Crocoite Contains Chromium Y
Cuprite  Contains Copper Y
Diamond May be irradiated  
Diopside  Contains Copper Y
Dioptase  Contains Copper Y
Dumortierite Contains Aluminum Y
Eilat Stone  AKA: King Solomon Stone Contains Copper Y
Emerald  Contains Aluminum Y
Fairy Cross AKA: Staurolite Contains Aluminum and Iron Y
Feldspar  Contains Aluminum  Y
Fluorite  Contains Fluorine  
Fossil Porous and soft  Y
Fuchsite Very flaky Y
Garnet  Contains Aluminum Y
                 Red Garnet    
Gem Silica  Contains Copper Y
Galena/ Galenite  Contains Lead Y
Garnierite (Genthite, Falcondoite)  Contains Nickel Y
Goddess Stone ( Melanite) May Contain Aluminum  Y
Goshenite Contains Aluminum Y
Gypsum Very Soft Y
Heliodor Contains Aluminum Y
Hematite  Contains iron Y
Hiddenite  Contains Aluminum and may be irradiated Y
Howlite  Contains Borate and Boron Oxide Y
Idocrase (Vesuvianite) Contains Aluminum Y
Iolite - aluminum  Contains Aluminum Y
Jade (Jadeite or New jade) Serpentine Contains Aluminum and iron Y
Jade (Nephrite)  Contains Aluminum, iron and Titanium Y
K-2 Stone Contains Granite, which may emit Radon, and Azurite, which contains Copper Y
Kambaba Jasper Contains Cyanobacteria  Y
Kimberlite May contain Nickel, Cobalt and Titanium Y
Kunzite  Contains Aluminum, may be artificially irradiated Y
Kyanite  Contains Aluminum Y
Labradorite  Contains Aluminum y
Lapis Lazuli  May contain Copper  or Sulphur y
Leopard Skin Jasper Contains iron y
Lepidolite Contains Aluminum Y
Libyan Desert Glass Possible trace minerals  
Lodestone (Magnetite) Contains Iron, will rust  
Magnetite (Lodestone)  Contains Iron, will rust y
Malachite  Contains Copper, the dust is very toxic y
Marcasite  Contains Sulphur y
Melanite (Goddess Stone) May Contain Aluminum  Y
Merlinite  (Psilomelane) Contains Barite and iron y
Meteorite  May contain several toxic substances y
Mica Too flaky for direct method elixirs Y
Mochi Balls Too soft for normal elixir Y
Mohawkite  Contains Copper and Arsenic (very Toxic) y
Moldavite  Contains Aluminum y
Moonstone  May contain Aluminum   
Morganite Contains Aluminum Y
Muscovite Too flaky for direct method elixirs y
Mother of Pearl   Possible organic bacteria or toxins from the water it formed in.  It may be irradiated y
New Jade  (Serpentine) Fibrous form contains Asbestos.  Mass form is okay Y
Nuummite Contains Magnesium iron Silicate Y
Ocean Jasper  Conatns iron y
Opal  The dust is thought to be toxic y
Orthoclase Contains Aluminum Y
Peacock Ore Contains Copper and Sulphur Y
Pearl  Possible organic bacteria or toxins from the water it formed in.  It may be irradiated y
Peridot Contains Aluminum Y
Pietersite Contains Aluminum.  Fibrous form contains Asbestos Y
Prehnite Contains Aluminum Y
Psilomelane  Conatins Barium and Iron y
Purprite Flaky.  Use indirect method for elixirs Y
Pyrite (Fool's Gold, Inca Gold Healer's Gold) Contains Sulphur Y
Pyromorphite Contains lead  Y
Quartz (all types)  Dust may be toxic, but masses are safe y
Rhodochrosite  Contains Lead y
Rose Quartz  Contains Iron and Titanium y
Ruby  Contains Aluminum y
Sapphire  Contains Aluminum y
Selenite Fibrous and may flake.  
Serpentine  Fibrous form contains Asbestos.  Mass form is okay y
Sodalite  Contains Aluminum y
Smithsonite  Contains Zinc and possibly Copper y
Spinel  Contains Aluminum and possibly Zinc y
Spodumene  Contains Aluminum  
Staurolite (Fairy Cross) Contains Aluminum  
Strawberry Quartz (natural) Contains Hematite and iron y
Stromatolite  Cyanobacteria and possible Cyanotoxins y
Stibnite  Contains lead and Antimony  
Stilbite Contains Aluminum  
Sugilite Contains Aluminum Y
Sulphur  Contains Sulphur y
Sunstone  Contains Aluminum y
Tanzanite Contains aluminum Y
Tiger's Eye  Contains Asbestos y
Topaz  Contains Aluminum y
Tourmaline  Contains Aluminum Y
Tourmaline Category Includes:    
                Paraiba Blue    
Tremolite  Contains Asbestos y
Turquoise  Contains Copper y
TV  Rock May contain Sulphur y
Unakite  Contains Aluminum and Iron y
Uranium Radioactive y
Vanadanite  Contains Lead y
Variscite  Contains Aluminum y
Vesuvianite (Idocrase) Contains Aluminum Y
Wavelite Contains Aluminum Y
Wulfenite  Contains Lead and Molybdenum y
Zircon Contains Zirconium and is radioactive Y
Zoisite Contains Aluminum Y