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Trolleite Point - 4D

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Trolleite Point

3.75" x 1.5" x 1.25"

Trolleite is a mineral composite of quartz, lazulite and scorzalite.  This piece was mined in the Minas Gerais area of Brazil.  This combination of minerals blends high-vibration energies, making it a potent ascension stone, beneficial for beginners or veteran crystal-Light workers of all levels.  It is recommended that you work with Trolleite consistently in order to anchor its energies, because It acts as a magnifying agent for your deepest heart’s desire.  Meditate with it and keep it in the bedroom for several weeks at a time.

Trolleite works well with all chakras, but is especially revered for its ability to open or strengthen the upper chakras. As those chakras open, and you become more keenly aware of your spiritual connection, a subliminal bridge spans the gap between mind-body-soul.  This stone has a very gentle and subtle effect on us from many levels, including our emotions, our mental state, our physical bodies and our divinity. Working at a cellular level, it heals our insecurities, guiding us to our unspoken dreams and desires.

Trolleite is a master manifestor because it shows you your agenda and your truth, helping you align with the “right” course of action.  It clears anger, frustration, trauma and fear, instilling peaceful calm and a clear perspective.  It unlocks memories of past lives and releases the need to hold onto painful hurts, giving you the ability to clear out the old as you recharge and rebuild your emotional platform. It removes blocks that are in your way as you work toward raising your vibration.

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