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Sacral, Solar Plexus, Root
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibration:
Number 9
2.5 - 3
orange, red, yellow with brown hues
Somewhat Common
Mexico, United States

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Vanadinite Crystal - 5

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Vanadinite Crystal

64 grams

2.25" x 1.5" x 1.5"

Vanadinite is a fiery crystal associated with the Sacral and Root Chakras.  It has been known to help people feel comfortable in this incarnation, as it connects deeply to the earth, forming a bond between earth and body. It alleviates unnecessary mind chatter, which accelerates the ability to allow our creative energies to rise as we put thoughts into action. As such, this is a wonderful tool for use in setting and achieving goals.

An uplifting stone, Vanadinite reminds us of the joy of life and promotes playfulness.  It centers us and places awareness on the internal mechanisms of our energy centers. Although it is billed as a sacral and root chakra stone, when used in meditation it clears all chakras from the crown down to the root. It can manifest stillness within, or aid in astral travel, depending on the intention if the user.

Vanadinite is also helpful in enhancing frugal spending.  If you are an overspender, carrying this stone with you can help you exercise conscientious spending and encourage saving.

DO NOT use Vanadinite to make direct elixirs.  Use the indirect method only.

From The Crystal Bible, "Vanadinite is an excellent stone for people who have problems accepting their physicality.  It has a strong connection with the earth chakra in the earth body beneath the feet.  Grounding the soul into the physical body and assisting it being comfortable in the earth environment, Vanadinite guards against squandering energy and teaches you how to conserve energy at the physical level."


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