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Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Astrological Sign:
Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo
Numerical Vibration:
NUmber 7, Number 3
7 Hardness
Purple, Violet, lavender

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Vera Cruz Amethyst Cluster - C

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Vera Cruz Amethyst Cluster 

2" wide,  1" tall

Vera Cruz amethyst has become sought after in the last few years because of the cluster formation it grows in, which is very unique for amethyst.  Vera Cruz amethyst shades ares usually lavender and range in color from very light to medium.  

Vera Cruz Amethyst is a useful ascension stone, lifting us into higher levels, helping to access information, and then assisting in its assimilation as it downloads.  It opens the door to the Akashic records and generally urges the mind-body to remember who we are and here we came from. In doing so, it helps us clear addictive behaviors which have been stimulated by past-life events.  In understanding the origin of the compulsions, it helps us move forward in a healthier mind-set, releasing our habit of co-dependence and the need to search for validation from outside ourselves.

Vera Cruz vibrations quickly cleanse the aura and subtle bodies, allowing us to clear unwanted attachments and release those energies. It is able to help us work with all chakras, but is especially potent in opening the crown and third eye.  It is a useful tool for inter-dimensional travel holding us safe while journeying.  It also opens the third eye, sharpening and enhancing clairvoyance.

Amethyst is an exceptional stone for overcoming addictions and sloughing off unwanted behaviors.  Extremely calming, it opens a gateway for spiritual balance and access to memories of blissful divine perfection.  It stills the mind, incorporating a peaceful state of pragmatic mindfulness with higher dimensional learning.  While Amethyst lifts us up, it also has the ability to bring on a gentle grounding effect so that a feeling of being balanced and present reigns.

Amethyst opens the crown chakra and creates a pathway for access to higher vibrations. It instills the ability to act responsibly and to honor the vibration of love for all that is.  Because of its serene nature, Amethyst encourages selflessness and helps one to release anger and fear.  In meditation, it shows one the bigger picture and instills deep acceptance and understanding for the laws of the universe.

Amethyst has been known to treat anxiety disorders, alcoholism and other addictive themes, insomnia and mental disorders.

From The Crystal Bible, "Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate.  This stone facilitates the decision-making process, bringing in common sense and spiritual insights."  A good stone for overcoming addictions.  Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, and may also aid in blocking geopathic stress."

From The Crystal Bible 2, " Vera Cruz works with the etheric blueprint, and subtle DNA to bring about profound inter-dimensional cellular healing.  An effective stone for purification, particularly at the spiritual level, it removes imprints and attachments of all kinds.  A protective stone, it facilitates safe out-of-body experiences and spiritual journeying."

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